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AgriPlex Genomics is providing plant and animal breeders with an opportunity to use PlexSeq genotyping service at a more affordable price. 

We have coordinated the creation of communal,
crop-specific SNP panels that can be used during certain times of the year to receive these benefits:
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Waived DNA Extraction fee for all samples submitted

Expedited Turnaround Time (2-3 weeks)

After the submission deadline, participants will be notified if they are eligible for a re-adjusted quote. This discount is calculated based on the total number of samples submitted by the community for that panel run. 

There is no risk or additional cost to participate in AgriPlex Connect. The price of your project can only decrease from your initial quote. All you have to do is submit your samples by the announced deadlines. These deadlines are communicated through social media platforms and our email newsletter. 

How to participate:

AgriPlex Genomics will set dates where certain crop/livestock-specific SNP panels will be run in our laboratory. Those who wish to participate must send in samples during the specified window(s) of time (usually a two-week timeframe). Everyone who is able to submit on time will receive complimentary DNA extraction and an expedited turnaround time of 3 weeks after the submission deadline.


If there are enough participants in a panel run, we may be able to offer a collective discount, which is calculated based on the total number of samples submitted by the community.

If eligible for the discount, participants will be informed via email and we will re-adjust your quote. Your purchase order will not be processed until after the submission deadline.

To inquire about submitting for an existing panel, or to propose the creation of a new SNP panel, please fill out this brief interest form: 








When are panels run?

Before submitting your AgriPlex Connect project, please carefully review and follow our sample submission guidelines and use the appropriate shipping label. 

Submitting Samples

You can view our sample submission deadlines on the AgriPlex Connect Calendar page. 

We also post upcoming panel runs on the Home Page of our website, our social media platforms, and through crop and livestock-specific email announcements. 

The development of PlexSeq SNP Panels:

AgriPlex Genomics coordinates the creation of crop and livestock specific consortia. This group consists of research professionals from both academia and industry.  

Those interested in the creation, development, or improvement of a PlexSeq panel will meet together virtually to define relevant genetic markers for current and upcoming panels. 

More questions about AgriPlex Connect?

Please email

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