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Our PlexSeq™ Platform bridges the gap between single-plex SNP assays and high-density arrays by providing next-generation sequencing analysis of your SNPs of interest. 

PlexSeq™ is an amplicon-based sequencing method for assaying 25 to 5000 SNPs. With our methodology, you can simultaneously genotype all SNPs across thousands of samples. 

Our innovative PlexCall™ software then analyzes the allele frequency and compiles your SNP calls into a concise report. The multiplex capabilities and streamlined genotype calling of PlexSeq™ provide data at a much lower cost and in less time than other platforms.


The PlexSeq™ Workflow

What is PlexSeq™ ?

PlexSeq™ Applications

Agriplex Genomics offers genotyping services using their state of the art Next Generation DNA Sequencing technology: PlexSeq 

PlexSeq™ technology stands out for its ability to simultaneously analyze thousands of DNA markers per reaction, thus generating substantially more data at a lower cost than other comparable technologies. 

Research and Breeding Applications

Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) analysis and genetic mapping:

Genotype markers throughout the genome of parental lines and progeny to identify and map QTLs for your desired traits. 

Trait profiling: Create your own panel of trait-associated markers and profit from our ability to assay an unlimited number of samples to screen any germplasm for your traits of interest.

Marker-Assisted Selection, genomic selection, and backcrossing: Simultaneously genotype background markers together with your trait markers to accurately estimate background recovery and recapture valuable genes from the recipient line. 

Seed Quality Assurance Applications:

Varietal ID: Confirm or test the genetic makeup of your lines. There is no need to settle on panels of small numbers of DNA markers; with PlexSeq™, you can use multiple markers for higher resolution of closely related germplasm.

Genetic purity:  Test for outcrossing, seed mixes, or seed swaps.

Trait confirmation and/or Adventitious Presence (AP) Testing: Confirm the presence of your transgenic traits, or search for adulteration of conventional seed by the Adventitious Presence (AP) of GM seed.

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