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About AgriPlex Genomics

AgriPlex Genomics was formed in 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio, to create a targeted sequencing and genotyping platform for large populations that is accessible and affordable to the community. 

Our multiplexed, Next-Generation PlexSeq™ platform provides simultaneous analysis of specific loci (25-5000) in any number of DNA samples. PlexSeq™ supports plant and animal breeders by greatly improving throughput and efficiency while significantly reducing costs.  

AgriPlex Genomics partners with plant and animal breeders from the industry, academia, government, and non-government organizations, to provide crucial genotype data for the development of healthier and more productive crops and livestock.  

We are the developers of PlexSeq™, which provides focused,

next-generation sequencing analysis of your target region of interest.

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To assist breeders by delivering accurate data at a low cost - ultimately improving the overall quality of their plants and livestock. We aim to promote the growth and advancement of their scientific programs and research endeavors.  


To make our contribution to the global effort of generating nutritional plants and livestock, supporting the pursuit of sustainable agriculture and food security through our services.

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