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AgriPlex Connect is a communal genotyping program in which the community of participants helps develop needed marker panels for genotyping using PlexSeq™ technology. Participation provides exclusive benefits which include:
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Collective group discount based on total # samples sent

Free DNA Extraction

Expedited Turnaround Time

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There's Strength in Numbers 
Let's Grow Together.

Future Panel Schedule &
Sample Submission Deadlines

LSU 80 US Rice
August 15, 2022
1k Soy Community
August 15, 2022
IRRI RiCA V4 (Rice)
September 15, 2022
IRRI RiCA V4 (Rice)
October 15, 2022

Previous Panel Schedule

1K Soy
July 15, 2022
IRRI RiCA V4 (Rice)
June 15, 2022
Fresh Market Tomato
May 2, 2022

How it Works: Using the Panel

AgriPlex Genomics will set dates that specific panels will be run in our laboratory, based on a survey sent to the community.

Those who wish to participate must send in samples during a specified window of time, which will be communicated through an email about a month in advance. 

After the deadline, AgriPlex Genomics will count all of the samples received from the community. We will send another email to announce how many samples we have as well as the final, collective discount. 

For example:

University A sends in 1000 samples

Company B sends in 5000 samples 

Institution C sends in 10,000 samples

All three participants of this panel run would get the discounted price of running 16,000 samples instead of paying more for sending fewer samples on their own outside the designated time frame. 

Along with the discount, participants will enjoy free DNA extraction for their project and expedited turnaround time. 


AgriPlex Genomics coordinates the creation of crop-specific consortia. 

Those interested in the creation, development, or improvement of a PlexSeq panel will meet together virtually to define relevant genetic markers for current and upcoming panels. 

How it Works: Developing Panels with the consortium

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We offer all participants a universal, collective discount based on the total number of samples run by the group for each PlexSeq panel run.

Collective Discount

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With this program, we aim to make PlexSeq panels more accessible and affordable to the community. We offer the panel to the public.

Growing Together

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When you submit your samples through AgriPlex Connect, you receive free DNA Extraction service

Free DNA Extraction

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Usually, the turnaround service for a project is 4-6 weeks. When you submit your samples through AgriPlex Connect, you receive your data sooner due to the pre-validation of the panel as well as it being marked as a high-priority project

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AgriPlex Connect is a unique opportunity for researchers to connect and collaborate with one another. Participants are encouraged to invite their colleagues to send in samples because remember, the more samples received, the bigger the discount for the entire group.

Connect with the community

Expedited Turnaround

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There is no fee or additional cost to join the panel community. The price of your project can only drop from the standard rate. 

You will receive an initial quote (the amount your price would be outside the AgriPlex Connect program), and then once all samples are in, we will readjust your price and discount it based on the total # of samples received

No cost or risk to join

Benefits of AgriPlex Connect