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AgriPlex Connect

Community Genotyping Program

AgriPlex Genomics is providing plant and animal breeders the opportunity to use PlexSeq SNP genotyping panels at a discounted price and faster turnaround. In collaboration with consortia, we have constructed organism-specific SNP panels that can be used during certain times of the year to receive various benefits. 

Complimentary DNA Extraction

DNA Extraction fees are waived for all samples submitted through AgriPlex Connect 

Collective Discount

Participants may be eligible for a collective discount, calculated based on the total number of samples submitted by the community for each submission period.

Expedited Turnaround

Receive your PlexCall data report in just 2-3 weeks.

No Submission Minimum

A one-plate purchase is all that is required when submitting through APC, instead of our minimum requirement of 4 plates for standard genotyping projects. It is not required that all wells are filled.

How to submit through AgriPlex Connect

When are panels run?

AgriPlex Genomics will set dates when certain crop or livestock specific panels are run. You can view our AgriPlex Connect submission deadlines on the AgriPlex Connect Calendar page. 

We also post upcoming panel runs on the Home Page of our website, our social media platforms, and through crop and livestock-specific email announcements (see form below). 

Receive AgriPlex Connect updates

Be notified of APC submission deadlines and SNP panel news.

Thanks for submitting!


SNP Panels currently offered through AgriPlex Connect


Community Soybean

AdobeStock_167907785 (2).jpeg

Bovine Parentage


Commercial Tomato

AdobeStock_313447557 (1).jpeg


lsu500 graphic.png

LSU500 US Rice

lsu80 graphic.png

LSU80 QA/QC Rice

AdobeStock_130930611 (3).jpeg

Maize QA/QC

AdobeStock_231041917 (3).jpeg

Fresh Market Tomato

The development of PlexSeq SNP Panels:

AgriPlex Genomics coordinates the creation of various crop and livestock specific consortia. Each consortium consists of research professionals from both academia and industry.  We are actively working to create new panels and update existing ones.

Those interested in the creation, development, or improvement of a PlexSeq panel will meet together virtually to define relevant genetic markers for current and upcoming panels. 

If you would like to propose the creation of a new SNP panel, please contact us

More questions about AgriPlex Connect?

Please email

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