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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much DNA do I need to send in for my project?
    Assay Development: 4x96 well plates or 1x384 well plate with 70 ul of DNA at 5ng/ul Previously Developed Assays: 70 ul of DNA at 5ng/ul
  • Do you have a minimum number of samples per project?
    For a standard project, the minimum is 384 samples. For AgriPlex Connect projects, we require a minimum of 192 samples.
  • When is a good time to send samples? Can you accept samples on "X" date?
    You can submit samples or request services at any time of the year. Please note that the lab is closed on weekends, so nobody will be here to receive your samples until Monday. For services through the AgriPlex Connect program, we accept samples whenever the defined deadline is for each specific crop and livestock in order to receive the program's benefits. We typically run one or two of these panels per month. Read more on that here.
  • Your suggested plasticware is unavailable in my area, will "X" plasticware work instead?
    We are aware that supply chain issues can happen. If you are unable to submit your samples in the listed plasticware or seals, please contact our Technical Support Submitting samples in the wrong plasticware can delay sample processing, as we have to recalibrate our robotics platform. Our team will try to work with you to find a suitable solution.
  • At what concentration should my DNA samples be for processing?
    Please submit all DNA samples at a concentration of 5ng/ul at a 70ul/sample volume. Please contact Technical Support if your DNA falls outside of the suggested concentration and volume.
  • Does my validation quote cover the cost of genotyping my pilot samples?
    Yes. We suggest sending us 1 or 2 plates of samples that we will use to develop your assay. It is vital that these pilot samples be representative of the genetic diversity that you will be using your final panel on. It is also important to submit the same sample type that you will be processing with your final assay. If you have questions, please reach out to Technical Support
  • Can you design assays for indels?
    Yes. For larger or complicated indels, contact us to discuss.
  • How many SNPs can PlexSeq multiplex?
    25-5000 SNPs.
  • What type of data gets returned to me?
    We provide an Excel (xlsx) report which includes the genotype calls and allele reads for each sample and SNP. We also provide a QC Report. (See generic example)
  • What are your turnaround times?
    Assay validation: from receipt of both validation samples and SNP Submission form: Less than 3000 SNPs: 6-8 weeks More than 3000 SNPs: 8-10 weeks Genotyping service: once an assay has been designed, data can be returned in 3-4 weeks. Expedited service: - We can turnaround projects in 10 business days upon request for an additional cost AgriPlex Connect: 2-3 weeks turnaround time. Manufactured kits (pre-developed assays): 3 weeks
  • What is included in a PlexSeq™ kit?
    Each kit includes: PlexSeq™ primary PCR Master Mix with customized multiplex primers PlexSeq™ Secondary PCR Master Mix with DNA barcodes PlexCall analysis software.
  • Do I need special equipment to run PlexSeq™ Kits in my lab?
    As long as you have the means to run PCR and have access to an Illumina sequencer, you will be able to run PlexSeq™ Kits.
  • What is the maximum number of SNPs per assay for a PlexSeq kit?
    For PlexSeq kits, the maximum number of SNPs per assay is 1500.
  • In what sizes do you offer your pre-validated kits?
    Our pre-validated PlexSeq kits come in units of: 1x96 samples 5x96 samples 1x384 samples 5x384 samples
  • How much leaf tissue do I need to send in if AgriPlex Genomics is performing my DNA Extraction?
    We suggest sending two leaf punches per well. Each punch should be approximately 6mm in diameter.
  • Is there a set-up fee?
    Yes. But in some cases, the validation fee is waived.
  • How much does PlexSeq™ service cost?
    The cost of your project is determined by the number of samples and the number of SNPs in your assay. Generally, the more samples you submit, the lower the cost of your price per sample.  If you submit your samples before AgriPlex Connect deadlines, the cost of your project will be discounted based on the total number of samples submitted by the community for the respective panel run. Additionally, DNA extraction fees are waived.
  • When do I need to submit a Purchase order?
    For most projects, you must submit a purchase order before we begin working on it.
  • Do you accept samples from outside the United States?
    Yes. Please notify our lab of the country of sample origin. We will send you the appropriate import permit to include with your shipping documentation.

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