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PlexSeq™ Genotyping Service

We offer full-service SNP genotyping in our laboratory, starting from DNA extraction and ending with Genotype Calls. 


PlexSeq genotyping services include:

  1. Creating custom assays for your project

  2. Utilizing our pre-validated PlexSeq SNP panels

  3. AgriPlex Connect program


What is needed to start a PlexSeq™ Project?

1.  A customer-approved quote

2. Completed SNP submission form 

3. Completed Sample submission form 

4. Samples representative of the genetic variation in your lines

Turnaround times:

Assay Validation: For assays with less than 3000 SNPs, your expected turnaround is between 6-8 weeks. Assays with more than 3000 SNPs have an expected turnaround of 8-10 weeks. 

Once an assay has been designed, data can be returned between 3-4 weeks. 

Expedited turnaround: Upon request, we can provide an expedited turnaround of 10 business days. 

AgriPlex Connect: the turnaround time for all AgriPlex Connect projects is 2-3 weeks. 

SNP Submission:

Submit your SNP submission form to

Additional guidelines for proper submission are located on the form itself including:

  • 100 base pairs of flanking sequence

  • Clear notation of indel regions and nearby SNPs  to improve the overall success of assay design 


Sample Submission:

  • Please submit your Sample Submission Form to

  • Send your samples using the guidelines below:

    • If you are shipping samples from outside the US, an import permit will be required. Please contact us. ​

    • Detailed instructions for sample submission are found in the Sample Submission Guidelines.

    • Samples should be shipped in AgriPlex-approved plasticware, well sealed, and with control wells (G12 and H12) empty. 

    • Leaf punch samples should be sent as 2, ~6mm punches per well.

    • Please ship your samples to:

AgriPlex Genomics

Attention: Project # (Quote #)

11000 Cedar Ave Suite 250

Cleveland, OH 44106

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