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PlexSeq Genotyping Service

We offer full service genotyping in our laboratory, starting from DNA Extraction and ending with genotype calls in a consolidated PlexCall report which includes genotype calls, allele reads, and a Quality Control summary.

How to start a project 

Turnaround Times

Submitting Samples

Additional guidelines for proper submission are located on the form itself including:

  • 100 base pairs of flanking sequence

  • Clear notation of indel regions and nearby SNPs  to improve the overall success of assay design 

  • Please include your tracking number on the sample list.

  • Send your samples by sending us a completed Sample Submission form and SNP Submission form (if applicable), being sure to adhere to the instructions listed in our Sample Submission Guidelines (See Resources and Documents).

  • Additional notes about submitting samples:
    • Samples should be shipped in AgriPlex-approved plasticware, well sealed, and with control wells (G12 and H12) empty.  These are listed in the Sample Submission Guidelines. If you would like to use plasticware that is not included on our list, please contact us. 

    • If you are shipping samples from outside the US, an import permit will be required. Please contact us. ​

    • Please include the label included on the last page of our Sample Submission Guidelines in your shipments.

Samples can be shipped to:

AgriPlex Genomics

Attention: Project # (Quote #)

11000 Cedar Ave Suite 250

Cleveland, OH 44106

PlexSeq lead form

To inquire about our genotyping services or to request pricing details, please provide us with the following information so we may best assist you:

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Resources and Documents

Resources and Docs

Submission Guidelines

Sample Submission Form

SNP Submission Form

Kit Survey

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