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Advanced, Accurate , Streamlined Genotyping

Our PlexSeq™ Platform bridges the gap between single-plex SNP assays and high-density arrays by providing next-generation sequencing analysis of your SNPs of interest. 

PlexSeq™ is an amplicon-based sequencing method for assaying 25 to 5000 SNPs. With our methodology, you can simultaneously genotype all SNPs across thousands of samples. 

Our innovative PlexCall™ software then analyzes the allele frequency and compiles your SNP calls into a concise report. The multiplex capabilities and streamlined genotype calling of PlexSeq™ provide data at a much lower cost and in less time than other platforms.

What is PlexSeq Genotyping?
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PlexCall, our automated analysis software, compiles data into one, consolidated report (1)
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Research and Breeding Applications


Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) analysis and genetic mapping:

Genotype markers throughout the genome of parental lines and progeny to identify and map QTLs for your desired traits. 


Trait Profiling

Create your own panel of trait-associated markers and profit from our ability to assay an unlimited number of samples to screen any germplasm for your traits of interest.


Marker-Assisted Selection, genomic selection, and backcrossing:

Simultaneously genotype background markers together with your trait markers to accurately estimate background recovery and recapture valuable genes from the recipient line. 

Seed Quality Assurance Applications


Genetic Purity

Test for outcrossing, seed mixes, or seed swaps.


Trait confirmation and/or Adventitious Presence (AP) Testing

Confirm the presence of your transgenic traits, or search for adulteration of conventional seed by the Adventitious Presence (AP) of GM seed.


Varietal ID

Confirm or test the genetic makeup of your lines. There is no need to settle on panels of small numbers of DNA markers; with PlexSeq™, you can use multiple markers for higher resolution of closely related germplasm.

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