What's New?

LSU80 QC/QA US Rice Panel
1K Soy Community SNP Panel

Are you a rice breeder?

Are you a soybean breeder? 

If so, we've got great news for you! 

We are very pleased to introduce our LSU80 Quality Control/Quality Assurance panel to the AgriPlex Connect Program. This means that if you submit your rice samples by August 15th, 2022, you will enjoy:


  • a collective discount based on the total number of samples received by the community for this run

  • Agriplex covers the costs of DNA Extraction

  • and provides expedited turnaround (less than 3 weeks!).

Additionally, we will be re-running our 1K Soy Community SNP Panel. Thank you to those who participated in the July run and made it a success. The deadline for sample submission is also August 15, 2022. 


These benefits are exclusive to those who submit their samples before the deadline. Don't miss out! 

LSU 80 US Rice QC panel graphic.png
soy panel graphic agriplex connect august.png

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