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Accelerate your plant and livestock breeding programs today with the  advanced, mid-density Next Generation Sequencing
Genotyping Technology: 


AgriPlex is a global, full-service mid-density genotyping company with labs in both the US and Europe. We are the creators of PlexForm-AI, PlexSeq™ and PlexCall technologies and can run PlexSeq™ as full-service genotyping in our labs or as kits available to use in your laboratory.

We are continually innovating to bring plant breeders, animal breeders and seed companies advanced NGS applications and end-to-end genomics workflows.


We offer full-service SNP genotyping in our labs - starting with DNA extraction and concluding with the delivery of our concise PlexCall report.

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We offer pre-validated panel kits that can be run in your lab or we can design custom assays with up to 1500 SNPs of interest.

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All of our crop and livestock panels are available as a standard genotyping service in our laboratory if unable to submit by AgriPlex Connect deadlines.

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AgriPlex Connect

A special SNP genotyping program where breeders and researchers can use PlexSeq panels at a discounted rate.


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Certified Service Provider

This program increases the channels offering AgriPlex technologies. The program trains and certifies select labs to run the PlexSeq™ workflow, provides dedicated technical support, other assistance to better the agro research and breeding communities.

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