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Accelerate your plant and livestock breeding programs today with the  advanced, mid-density Next Generation Sequencing
Genotyping Technology: 


AgriPlex partners with plant breeders, animal breeders, and seed companies to manage their genotyping projects with advanced, high-throughput (NGS), mid-density multiplexed SNP genotyping platform. 

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Submission Deadlines for Discount:

November 30, 2023


We offer full-service SNP genotyping in our lab - starting with DNA extraction and concluding with the delivery of our concise PlexCall report.

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We design custom assays with up to 1500 SNPs of interest. Each kit includes our PlexSeq PCR Mastermixes  and our PlexCall Analysis software.

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We offer ready-to-use, pre-validated panels to be run in our laboratory in various units (1 x 96 well plates, 5 x 96, 1 x 384 well plates, and 5 x 384). 

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AgriPlex Connect

A communal SNP genotyping program where all breeders and researchers can use PlexSeq panels at a discounted price with an expedited turnaround time


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Pre-validated Panel Service

All of our crop and livestock panels are available as a standard genotyping service in our laboratory if unable to submit by AgriPlex Connect deadlines.

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