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Giulia Bonciani Joins AgriPlex Genomics as Global Business Development Director

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Giulia Bonciani

Cleveland, Ohio (August 22, 2023) – Giulia Bonciani, Ph.D. has been named Global Business Development Director for AgriPlex Genomics. Dr. Bonciani will be responsible for developing genomic applications in the agri-biotech industry as well as delivering PlexSeq™ genotyping services to the agriculture market, including pre-validated panel services, pre-validated panel kits, tailored kits and AgriPlex Connect. Dr. Bonciani brings over 10 years of experience in genomics and biochemistry, most recently in her executive sales role at Illumina. Dr. Bonciani’s sales responsibilities took her across the United States, the UK, and France – and lead to a deep understanding of the growing demands in genomic sequencing in multiple markets. Giulia earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from Imperial College London. Dr. Bonciani can be reached at About AgriPlex Genomics AgriPlex Genomics was established in 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio, to develop a targeted sequencing and genotyping platform for large populations that is accessible and affordable. We opened our European lab, with a joint venture with MolGen, in 2023. Our multiplexed, Next-Generation PlexSeq™ platform provides simultaneous analysis of specific loci (25-5,000) in any number of DNA samples. PlexSeq™ supports plant and animal breeders by greatly improving throughput and efficiency while significantly reducing costs. AgriPlex Genomics partners with plant and animal breeders from the industry, academia, government, and non-government organizations to provide crucial genotype data for the development of healthier and more productive crops and livestock. Learn more about AgriPlex Genomics at


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